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Coming soon is Jessie Frank, a luxury clothing brand designed for ladies with pristine yet eclectic class and style. Jessie’s vision is to assist the modern woman with building her confidence through the utilization of fashion which equals appearance. Jessie Frank fashion wear presents elegance and prestige.  With this brand, you put on your royal crown of confidence when you step out your door and through any and every door.

Purple Mango – A Journey of Poems

“Purple Mango” is a collection of poems that will capture a range of emotions. It discusses experiences many can relate to and provides the audacity of hope painting an inspirational picture for people to see the brighter side of things.

About the Author:
Jessie Frank is a Poet Laureate, Motivational Speaker, Actress, Model, and Philanthropist. But above all, Jessie is a thinker. As her given name indicates she is open, honest, and direct in speech and writing. She loves the essence of humanity and endeavors to enhance the social needs of those who are under-served. Jessie has a purpose and her life and missions are driven by them.

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Jessie Frank Poems: Splendid Essence

A small taste of poetry penned by Jessie Frank. The poems within this very short E-book will take your mind to a great state of wonder. It certainly provides a journey that leaves you wanting more.



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About Jessie

Jessié Frank is a remarkable humanist woman. As a poet, author, actress, playwright, and producer, she travels the world, spreading her charismatic wisdom. Within the rhythm of her poetry and elegance of her prose lies Jessie's unique power to help readers of every orientation span the lines of inequality and separation of the human race. Jessie captivates audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty of her words and lyrics. Jessie Frank is a World Poetry Movement Award Winning Poet and author of Purple Mango A Journey of Poems.

Award Winning Poet